I went along to Trafalgar Square yesterday to check out Antony Gormley’s “One and Other” project on the fourth plinth. A very nice idea for a project where instead of having an actual piece of art on display, members of the public take it in turns to be the art themselves! An our’s slot for each “Plinthee” to do what they wish up their. This project could either be amazing or fall flat on it’s face

When I arrived, the Plinthee for that our seemed to be mostly sitting around, making notes in his notebook and making phonecalls. Hardly a piece of art to be admired through the ages. But then he cleared off and this girl got on board. She had a bag full of plastic balls that she’d written messages or something on (didn’t get to find out properly, I never got close enough to a ball to see) and was hitting them out to people in the crowd with a tennis raquet.

Sounds stupid, yes. But it was really nice actually. There was a real community spirit formed. People light-heartedly fought with each other to catch the balls. Others gathered around to read the messages. Some shouted messages back to the girl. All were smiling!

I was so into the whole mood surrounding this spectacle that I stayed for almost the entire hour she was up there. I hope all of the Plinthees could be as fun as she was

And also yes, she was quite hot