I was told to meet Steph at Waterloo station at 9.30 (I was late) where she was to take me on some mystery trip somewhere. I had no idea where I’d be going until we went to board the train.
Staines….. why the hell would we be going to Staines?! “Industrial sculptures” I was told. In a park. Some sort of art installation? Could be quite interesting. Maybe something a bit like Mutate Britain.
I should have twigged earlier when we got to Staines and there were signs everywhere for Thorpe Park but as I’d already decided we were going to an art exhibition, it didn’t dawn on me until I raised the idea as a joke. I’d never have guessed that “industrial sculptures” meant “ROLLERCOASTERS!!!”
That’s when I got a bit stupidly excited.
Was a lovely day out thank you Steph! Couldn’t have picked a better day for it. Not a cloud or plane in sight!