Ahhhhh rainy summer! Went to Slam Dunk festival in Hatfield the other weekend to watch some punk bands and get rained on. Luckily, Against Me! were the only band I saw outside and it had stopped raining by then so all was good.

The festival was a bit of a mixed bag to be fair. The line-up was pretty solid but the organisation was terrible! When it started raining really heavily, about 7000 people all headed inside and clogged up the foyer of the venue causing security to stop letting people in, despite the band rooms being mostly empty! This meant a lot of angry punks! Me and Steph had to break in TWICE to go see who we wanted.

The sound in the Vans stage was pretty terrible early on too! Poor Random Hand had some weird echo on the vocals for half their set until they asked for it to be turned off. Disappointing!

However, none of the bad stuff mattered because CapDown absolutely KILLED it at the end!! Haven’t seen them in YEARS so got right involved (although, moshing with a satchel bag on is pretty tough)

I smelt so bad by the end of it