The perils of a skylight people! It’s been so hot this summer that I’ve not even THOUGHT about the possibility of rain happening

It’s not even a simple job closing my skylight! It’s so high up that I have to first of all stand on a chair and then poke it with some kind of a stick, usually my guitar stand. First look of my new house on here though. What do you think? Still not fully settled yet. Got no computer desk or a chest of drawers so I’m using my computer on the floor and still kinda living out of bags, which is a bit rubbish but hey, what can you do?

Also, I haven’t been drawing my hair nearly as long as I should be! Let me tell you now, it is LONG! I still don’t think I’ve drawn it long enough here but let’s call it a transitional period. I wouldn’t want to blow your minds by doing it at it’s full length immediately would I?

If anyone is in the Midlands on September 11, I shall be at Birmingham Zine Festival selling my wares. I won’t have a table to myself but I shall have my books on the communal table and will be milling around also. Come say hello!

In other news: goats

It's some goats