There is nothing finer than the drunken ukulele jam!! Absolutely fantastic stuff! Amazingly, we didn’t get kicked out of the pub

This was a thing that happened just after the London Small Press Expo in March this year. I would write up a report about it but I’m generally no good at those things and other people have done it far better than I could. In a nutshell, it was quiet but I made my money back thanks to all you lovely people. I then spent it all in the pub. Easy come, easy go!

Some awesomely lovely UK comicsy people appear in this comic. I’ll just do a list shall I?

Luke Surl
Graham Johnson
Matt Dyson

They all have Twitters somewhere so go follow the hell out of them for me!! Cheers to you guys and the rest of Team Hobgoblin for a wicked night!! Catch you all at MCM I suppose