WOW!! MCM Expo was a LOT of fun!! Have never been before, even as a punter, so had no idea what to expect. Completely over-whelming in the most amazing way!!

Friday was nice to set up, chill out and catch up with festival friends. Wasn’t a great deal sold that day but that’s not really the point. Wish I’d actually done my rounds of the comic village on Friday because, well…

EVERYTHING KICKED OFF ON SATURDAY!!!! Oh my God I knew it’d be busy but nothing could have prepared me for this!! So many people!! So much noise!!! COSPLAY!!! WRESTLING!!! COFFEE!! Over-stimulated much? I’d had about 2 hours sleep the night before due to noisy neighbour’s party so much of Saturday was a struggle/blur. Big thanks to Mr. Luke Surl for looking fter my table all those times I had to escape for caffeine.

Highlight of Saturday? First customer of the day having brought along all my books for me to sign for her!!! You have no idea how happy this made me!! Boo, if you’re reading, THANK YOU!! You are a totally rad person and from that moment on, I didn’t really care if I sold anything else at all, you made my day!!

Saturday ended and we hit the pub. As expected, we all got shit-faced, and that was a good excuse as any to catch up with everyone properly and put the world to rights

Sunday and the inevitable hangover rolled in. Un-beknownst to me, the Expo opens an hour later then it does on the Saturday! Hence dickhead here being sat in the cafe outside for 45 drinking tea to wake up. Weak.

Nonetheless, another great day at MCM! Not as busy as Saturday thankfully but great fun regardless. Still kept busy all day, sold a bunch more stuff and met a bunch more new awesome people. Props to the guy who came along and bought one of everything while I was away from the table and then came back and purchased an original page!! It is because of people like you and Boo why I do this! THANK YOU ALL!!

Sorry that this isn’t exactly an objective review of MCM. I must admit, the whole thing was a bit of a blur of sleep deprivation, booze, caffeine, and over-excitement. All I really want to say is, thank you for everyone who came along to say hello, buy things or chat properly. Thank you to Matt Sheret and co. for organising our little comics village and making this all possible. And finally, a big thank you to Lou for helping make the weekend that little bit more tolerable and for being my Rock-n-roll, super-hero team-mate. You rule!

That’s all for now I guess. Roll on MCM October!!!!!!!