During a discussion about finding the time to do comics around a full-time job and other commitments, Marc Ellerby once gave me a great piece advice: “Get up earlier”. Brilliant! Apparently, that doesn’t work for me, as shown here

I tend to be a night owl when I work. I can have all day at my disposal and I’ll piss around playing guitar or refreshing Facebook or trying to beat my high score on Bop It or cleaning or washing or eating and just not doing anything vaguely related to comics or illustration. As soon as it hits about half 8 in the evening though?


I turn into some sort of illustration machine! I start working and working and don’t want to stop! I’ll regularly working until 1 in the morning, only stopping because I know I have to get up for work at half 7. I don’t know why it is but I have always been more productive at night.

I have embraced this now. I allow myself to spend my nights at the drawing table. I don’t feel guilty not drawing during the day anymore as I’m pretty sure I’ll make up for it in the evening. It’s not the best habit but hey, it’s working and until it isn’t working, I’m gonna stick with it!

Then again, maybe that’s why I can’t make myself draw in the morning….