Wow, that was one hell of a week. I’m not going to get into a long rambling post about the London riots, purely because I don’t have the skills to write it down eloquently enough, but all I will say is that I was shocked, saddened and thoroughly disappointed in what happened here. I literally sat up until about 3am watching it all unfold on various news sites and blogs, unable to sleep and hoping that all my friends were safe. One thing that kept me going was having two tiny puppies to entertain us for the night. I wish them both all the best in their new life in Russia

Fair play to the police for keeping it cool under such stressful, un-controllable conditions and again to all those who took time out of their days voluntarily to help with he clean up mission. Thanks also to The West Londoner blog for the great coverage of the un-folding events. You helped keep a lot of people away from the trouble

I don’t usually push a comic forward ahead of its chronological order but I felt I should make an exception here. Normal service resumes next week

EDIT: Saying that, had to push the comic back a week due to server being down. Pretend it’s last week still please!