Oh look! It’s another comic about Go Karting! And once again, I seem to have come a-foul of it!

After having a great time karting at Daytona Milton Keynes back in the spring, we all decided to go again (with the help of a Groupon deal), this time out in Slough. An indoor track this time. Amazing how different it was!

Having gotten used to Daytona’s long sweeping curves and fast straights, Slough’s quick tight twists, narrow track and short acceleration zones made quite a change. The tight twisty nature of the track meant changing direction once every few seconds. A third of the way into the hour session, my arms couldn’t handle much more!

Luckily I managed to adapt my driving style to find a way that worked and carried on with the session. Again, this soon started to take it’s toll and my foot started cramping and just what the HELL was that pain in my left hand?!

I came close to pulling over and calling it quits. My arms were aching, my hand hurt, I was tired, dehydrated and mental exhausted. I was at the point where every bump made me feel sick!

Luckily for me, the session ended and we could all stop and relax. I took some joy in the fact that of the five of us who went, only myself and Tommy lasted the full hour and I managed close to 100 laps! Good effort!

Oh yes, then I found the massive burst blister on my hand! So that’s what made the last half hour so difficult!
There was no plaster big enough to cover the wound so instead I spent the next few days doing my best Mum-rah the Ever Living impression

One more thing, I somehow managed all this on about 3 hour’s sleep! GET IN!!