Oh Boom Town Fair! How I miss thee!

I would love to do a proper write up of Boom Town Fair but I could not do it justice! I have been since its very first year and have watched it grow and improve each time.

So many amazing bands, stages, stalls, walkabouts, events, treats to be found. I was best man at an inflatable wedding for Christ’s sake!! I feel like I only really touched the surface of what Boom Town had to offer this year but still did so much and had so much fun!

My highlight was definitely these here forest climbing nets. Spent a fair portion of each night hanging out in the trees with people and getting told off for it. Much fun to be had up there!

Most definitely be back again next year. Can’t wait to see what new treats are in store for us!

Big love to everyone who made Boom Town amazing for me! This goes out to Charlie, Rob, Lizzie, Emma, Greg, Dawson, Kit Kat, James, Rich, Simon, Sian, Sharna, Ed, Swifty, Kat, Immy, Hannah, Ollie, Rae, Benny, Piers, and anyone else I might have forgotten to mention, of which there are many! See you all next year xx

God I am such a fucking hippie sometimes