One of the many reasons of why MCM May 2012 was fantastic for me was free champagne from those good ol’ boys at Letraset on the Friday. We indeed won the champagne bottle and then gave it away on the Saturday night after running our own little competition between the exhibitors.

But yes, MCM, had a great time! Was a bit bogged down by a few tough conventions this year so was a little bit wary going in. That said, I made table cost back on the Friday, which is quite frankly, unheard of! There was a great group of guys in the Comic Village this time round and for the first time actually knew quite a lot of them thanks to a handy little Facebook group. It was also pretty great to be sandwiched between my good buddies Matt and Luke.

As for the punters, as usual MCM, you did not let me down! Spoke to so many people over the three days and boy did you like spending money this year! Must have been the weather or something. Thanks to everyone who came to say hi and buy things and generally be a thoroughly good bunch!