Oh good God Flying Ant Day is the worst! I’m just happily sat in bed watching Arrested Development on a warm summer evening with my window open and suddenly I’m surrounded by god-damn flying ants! EVERYWHERE! I think I must have spent the next 45 minutes stood up in my room smashing them to bits with the only suitable weapon I could find: a box of tissues (visible on the window sil.)

It was absolutely disgusting. Once I’d realised what was happening, I looked out of the window and the outside window ledge was completely black with a mass of bastard ants crawling all over it. So gross! There had been a huge spider (Boris) hiding in the corer of my ceiling over my bed for a month or so beforehand. He’d been creeping me out the entire time but when this happened, I had every faith that he’d step up to the challenge and be my General in the fight against this flying menace. Did he fuck! He disappeared into his little hole and left me to fend for myself! The coward!

A spoke to a couple of people about this at the time and they didn’t believe me that Flying Ant Day was a thing. For those of you who still dis-believe, read this article about Nuptial Flight and have all your doubting questions answered. IT IS A THING AND IT IS HORRIBLE!

This comic makes me feel itchy. Even now as I type this