Every time I wear my suit I forget that I don’t have a normal leather belt to go with it and end up having to try and scavenge one of someone else.

Well HAHA!! Not this time! I remembered and went to H&M and bought one! Shoved it in my suitcase and headed out to Germany for the big wedding of the year.

Unfortunately, dickhead here didn’t think to TRY THE BELT ON before packing it and it was waaaaay too big!

Spent a good half hour trying to fashion a new hole with the limited tools I had. Pencil didn’t work so I moved on to a biro. Again, no success! Luckily, I remembered I had my uni graduation pin on me and managed to stab a hole through with that.

Well done Staffs Uni, you’re finally good for something.

P.S. The wedding was great