Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow OW!

This one guy!

Just stood there right in the doorway playing snooker on his phone while everyone was having to try and squeeze past him. Didn’t bat an eyelid, even when people asked him to move!

So yeah, I got trapped in the doorway as it went to close BAM!

Arm wedged in pretty heavily for a second there.

Y’know how usually when tube doors close on someone they seem to make a bit of impact and then realise what’s happened and open again? Yeah, not here! This door just kept on coming despite my arms being in the way.

Anyways, was in a lot of pain after this. Was fairly sure it wasn’t anything more serious than a bit of muscular bruising but since that’s my drawing hand and my whole livelihood is based on that, figured I should take a day off work to recover.

Annoyingly, felt almost good as new by the afternoon but still get a slight twinge now and then