Abusin the Thought Bubble Wi-fi to watch rugby when we should be selling comics to lovely punters. How rude of us!

So yes, Thought Bubble! What a fantastic time! Sold a whole bunch of comics, met a load of lovely people and drew moustaches for money. Scene City 3 went down a treat. Was a little worried I was going to run out at one point! Thank you to everyone who bought the comics and has said nice things about them since, you’re all stars!

And of course the mid-convention party! What a stonker as always! Great times dancing and drinking and generally being a bunch of obnoxious drunk nerds. Nice to catch up with Scott C at the party too. Not so nice waking up the next day on a hotel floor having had about four hours sleep and hauling ass back to the convention. Oh well, what can you do?

Thanks to all my usual convention buddies Graham, Luke, Matt, Mike, David, Claude and all the rest I can’t remember right now!