The days of pub arguments are OVER!

Remember the time when you would spend hours arguing over something inconsequential in the pub? You’d all refuse to believe you were wrong. Absolutely your stance is the only one worth considering. As the beers piled up, you’d get more and more irate and vocal. Often you’d end up dragging complete strangers into it. That just made it worse! Then you had a few more wrong opinions on the matter to bat away. You’d carry on for a couple of hours, trade a few insults and eventually stagger home having solved nothing. Everyone is right. Everyone is happy.

This classic pub tradition changed a few years back with the popularity of smart phones. These days, you argue briefly and then some smart alec whips out his phone and looks up the answer. Boom. He’s right. You’re wrong. It’s over. Whose round is it?

I miss the pub argument.

I won’t tell you what we were arguing about here. I think it’s better to leave it open to interpretation.

The important thing to remember is that I was right.