The 2013 convention run is under-way! Two weekends ago was London Super Comic Con and I must say I had an absolute blast. It wasn’t the most profitable of shows for me but I met some great people, caught up with old friends and had a lot of fun. A truly lovely way to kick off the year.

Next up is Birmingham MCM this weekend at the NEC Centre outside Birmingham. Looking forward to this one since, coming from Coventry, it’s pretty much my home show. You can find me at table A26 in the Comic Village next to Nich Angell. I’ll have the usual array of comics, artwork and bundles with me and it’d be nice to see all your Brummy faces stop by.

There’s then about a month off before my next show, Comiket on 20th April. I’ve done this show a few times now with mixed results but I always like it for its indie focus. I think the new venue at Central St Martin’s behind King’s Cross will be a real step up too.

I’m certain there will be shows in between but the next show I’m officially booked for after Comiket is the fabulous Thought Bubble Festival at Leed’s Royal Armouries. I’m not gonna lie, I love Thought Bubble. It’s always a great mix of creators, the punters are amazing and the party is a fantastic way to close the year of conventions. I’m super excited about this year because tables sold out in roughly two hours!! I was very lucky to get a table and entirely owe that to being sat at my laptop hitting refresh for a good ten minutes before bookings actually opened. I’m sad that certain people I know have missed out but battle on we must.

Speaking of missing out, sadly, I appear to have missed the boat for May’s London MCM. I dithered about it for too long not being sure if I should since I don’t know if I’ll be around London by then and unfortunately, it has sold out. I’ve been put on a reserves list in case there are any drop-outs so all hope is not lost! If anything changes here, I’ll let you all know straight away. Despite its failings, I do love London MCM. I’ve been to every one for the past three years and always do well. I will be very sad to miss out.

Anyhow, that’s all for now!

Better get packing for Birmingham I guess…