Hey gang, how’s it going?

Sadly, there is no comic again this week. I’ve been mega busy at work the past couple of weeks and honestly haven’t felt like drawing when I’ve gotten home. Hopefully things will be back to normal next week. Got a few other projects on the go at the moment as well so things might be a little sporadic over the next few months. Rubbish, I know, but hey, what can you do? If you’re really desperate for comics, you can always go and buy them from the store…

While we’re on the subject of buying comics, it’s Comiket on Saturday at Central Saint Martins in Kings Cross.It’s free entry and I’ll be there with half a table and all the usual comics for sale. I will be on table 49 in the foyer with Mike Georgiou. You can find a full floorplan of this COMPLETELY FREE event here. Should be a fun event so come on down, for free, and buy some independent comics and watch the drawing parade, for free, before hitting up a pub somewhere nearby. You can find all the pertinent details here.

Did I mention is was a free event?

Hopefully see all y’all faces down there yeah? Yeah!