Let this be a lesson to you all. If you have a friend visiting, make sure all your housemates get a good look at their face. Preferably, they should take photos and DNA swabs also. Maybe have the police on speed dial just in case.

It took about 4 years but I finally got my dear friend Emma to come and visit me in London over Easter weekend. It was well worth the wait as we had a wonderful time being stupid tourists and taking photos of everything. Also, Light Show at the Hayward Gallery is well worth your money. You should go do that. When we got there, a married couple with a kid had a blazing row in the foyer and the husband stormed off. That was worth the money in itself.

Oh, also, if you’re going to be hanging around outside Buckingham Palace, you probably should bring a good camera with you because people will keep asking you to stop and take their picture for them. Don’t do that. Everyone will ask you. EVERYONE!