It’s that time of year again. The crazy nerd-fest that is London’s MCM Comic Con returns to the Excel Centre next weekend and yours truly will be in attendance!

If you want to come down and say hi and buy some stuff, you can find me in the Comic Village at table J12. I’ll be there with all my usual junk including all current issues of Scene City, Orful Comics, mini comics, original artwork and sketches.

Very happy to be there this year as, tragically, I almost missed out on a table. I’d been so excited to get a table for Thought Bubble in the two hours that they were available that it completely slipped my mind and they had all sold old when I got round to it. Thankfully, brilliant Comic Village organiser Gary let me know when there was a cancellation and now, I will be there. HOORAY GARY!!

Anyways, yes, next weekend, London Excel Centre, MCM Comic Con, Comic Village, J12, come see me!