Whaddup guys! Time for a new convention post!

MCM Comic Con, Excel Centre, 25 – 27 October

Once again, I shall be travelling down to London’s Excel Centre to attend the MCM Comic Con and sell some comics. Always have a great time at MCM and this time round should be no different.

As always, I’ll be there with all current issues of Scene City and Orful Comics, plus mini comics, As You Were 2, original artwork and a pencil to draw something for you on the spot should you want that. I’ll be at table CM11 in the Comic Village next to my good buds Luke Surl and Matt Dyson.

But that’s not all! There are TONNES of amazing comic artists for you to go and visit and throw money at! There’s major good guy James Stayte who is releasing Big Jimmy 2 this weekend. There’s the fantastic Rachael Smith with her comics I Am Fire and The Way We Write. There’s all-round good egg Sarah Graley with Our Super Adventure. And… and.. Footloose! Zombie Bears! Penny Blackfeather!

Aww geez too many awesome artists to mention individually. I’d recommend heading on over to the full list and SEE FOR YOURSELF!

Can’t wait to see you all there!