When I decided to start running in the summer, no-one warned me of the hidden dangers such as obliterated iPhones!

“Don’t forget to warm up properly”
“Bring water with you”
“Get some proper running shoes fitted”

No-one warned me about this!

The worst thing was that it happened two days before heading off to best weekend of the year, Boomtown Fair. Thankfully I found a place down Charlotte Street that could fix it for £60 that very afternoon so y’know, no biggy really.

And oh yeah HEY LOOK A NEW COMIC!!! WTF?!

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to it. Needed a good long break from it while I finished up a load of other stuff and got the enthusiasm back. Well it’s back now so I’m gonna be bothering you weekly with this shit again.

Thanks for being patient and not hating me