This Saturday 4th October, I shall be getting up earlier than necessary to hot-foot my way up to Nottingham for Nottingham Comic Convention. It’s my first time at Nottingham and I’ve heard great things from last year’s Nerd Fest so let it be known, you guys gotta lot of expectation to live up to yeah?

You’ll be able to find me on the upper level at table U02 where I will be sharing with Rachael Smith, creator of diary comic One Good Thing, Ask Flimsy and the Great Beast super-hit, House Party.

As usual, I’ll be selling all current issues of Orful Comics and Scene City, all the mini comics, comic bundles and maybe, if you ask nicely, sketches. I’ll also have, for the first time on an Orful Comics convention table…


Check these bad boys out! Aren’t they rad?! Mad props to Awesome Merchandise for doing a killer job on these for me, they look great. Can’t wait to get these in your grubby little mitts.

As a FUN THING, seeing as we’re on table U02, the FIRST PERSON to come and SING A U2 SONG at me gets a FREE SET OF 5 BADGES! Am I crazy for doing this? Probably. Is it going to actually happen? Almost certainly not. But let me have my fun anyway dammit!

Here’s those designs again

And a reminder of where y’all can find us on Saturday.