Hey all, how’s it going?

It’s been a whole year of waiting but finally, the incredible Thought Bubble Festival rolls around again! A whole week’s worth of comics events in Leeds, culminating in a two-day convention spread across THREE different halls on the 15 – 16 November.

I’ll be there both days at table 134 in New Dock Hall and guess what…


Who’d have thought it eh? Six years old and what a place to celebrate. Someone better bring me some cake! Here’s where to bring it:

You might have to fight your way past that fierce looking shield lady but it’ll be worth it! I’ll have with me all current issues of Scene City and Orful Comics, mini comics, bundle packages, original art badges and…


That’s right, it’s finally here. Orful Comics volume 5 collects all the strips from the past year.

I’m dead excited about this one. I personally think it’s the best yet and I can’t wait to get it back from the printers and into your lovely hands. I’ve had great fun with the comic this year and I can’t thank you all enough for your continuing support. You make it all worthwhile!

SO yup, 15 – 16 November, Leeds Armouries Square, Table 134 in New Dock Hall

Here’s the proper maps with exhibitor listings for New Dock Hall, Royal Armouries Hall and the brand new TB Teepee