You may have heard recently about some changes to the way VAT is going to be handled in the UK for digital products. No? That’s funny because no one else seems to have either and now we’re in a bit of a pickle!

You see some very complicated new regulations mean that digital sales will now be liable for VAT in the country you are selling to rather selling from. This means submitting a quarterly VAT something or other with a lot of complicated information I don’t know anything about and ARGH it’s so complicated I don’t really understand it all that well.

So in all likelihood I will have to stop selling digital comics from the start of January to avoid a lot of hassle and expense. I’m sorry but it’s just not feasible if this goes through. You can help STOP it go through with this petition if that will even help.

Since this may well be the last few weeks I’ll be able to sell digital copies of the comics and as a bit of a festive fuck you to these new rules, I will be selling digital comics for just 50p until the end of the year!

That’s right, I’ve reduced all digital version of Orful Comics and Scene City from £1 to 50p. THAT’S HALF PRICE!!

You can find all the digital versions of my comics here or, if you maybe want a physical copy for yourself or for a friend since Christmas is coming up, head here for some good old VAT-free paper

Thanks and happy hols!