Hello guys! Happy Holidays/New Year/Whatever. Here’s some things

So uhh, yeah, sorry for not doing any comics for… two months?! Woah didn’t realise it was that long! Yes, SORRY SORRY SORRY I took a little break after working flat out to try and get Volume 5 ready and printed for Thought Bubble and then I was dealing with some stuff and lost all interest in… well most things for a while. Things are better now, there’s a new year on the horizon and I should be back on track shortly. So yes, sorry.

You may or may not have seen in the week build up to Christmas, the website updated EVERY DAY with the Scene City Christmas Special. If you missed it and would like to catch up, you can read it all starting from here.

As mentioned in this post, I’ve been having a digital sale recently due to maybe having to stop selling digital books. A recent update from Comicsy has shed some light on this and the fact is I now WILL be continuing digital sales. All it means for now is that I’ll have to MANUALLY email the file over to you once paid for. Irritating but hey, it’s a work around for now. I will be continuing the sale until new year regardless. Click here for digital downloads for only 50p

That’s all for now, have a cracking new year!