A very good question Noodle Arms Man! Let’s have a little look shall we?

You may have noticed a suddenly lack of updates to the comic this year. This isn’t because I’ve lost interest and quit altogether but more due to one thing I simply don’t have enough of right now, TIME!

About a year ago, I started a new job working in broadcast animation, which is exactly what I’ve always wanted to. Unlike my previous job which was intermittent freelance work, the luxury of a week off here and there was suddenly gone and as such, comics work became a thing of purely evenings and weekends. Updates started to become patchy.

To add to this, I kinda stopped enjoying doing them for a while in the autumn and after a final push to get Orful Comics volume 5 out for November, decided to take a little break. My mood and motivation improved after Christmas and I again started working on comics. HOORAY!

The past few months have gotten busier again. I’ve been animating on a couple of projects at work with fairly tight turnaround times so have been focussing most of my energy there. Getting home after a long day of animating, the last thing on my mind was doing more work. Orful Comics felt fairly low on my current list of priorities so I just kinda… stopped… without mentioning it… sorry!

I haven’t entirely stopped comics in all this time though! I’ve been working on a new 6-page comic for the latest issue of As You Were (previous issues available here) which as always, I am excited about. I’m also into my second year of being staff artist for Badger GP, creating graphics for various parts of their site and writing and illustrating the F1 comic Rumble Strips for them.

This was all going great until my laptop died last week!

Initially, this was a disaster but in reality it turned out to be a bit of a blessing. With nothing to distract me in the evenings after work, drawing productivity has sky-rocketed and the pencil and paper part of a few projects is now done


Yes, Orful Comics will be back in a few weeks once my laptop is back from repairs and the digital stuff for As You Were is completed. I started drawing a new page last night and honestly, it felt amazing to be back on it again.

So yes, I have NOT quit, I AM still making comics, and I WILL be back with them.

I’ve got a few conventions coming up this year too. I’ll be at MCM London Comic Con on 22-24 May, MCM Manchester Comic Con on 25-26 July and the mighty Thought Bubble Festival on 14-15 November.

I’ve got some new ideas for stock for conventions so keep your eyes peeled for more info as and when.

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Again, apologies for lack of updates but I’ll be back up and running ASAP.

CHeers for reading