Woah! A comic?! Whaaaaaaaat?!

So yes, Camden. I very rarely have a need to go there anymore, nor the time in fact. But I wanted to buy my girlfriend a nice present for my first visit up in Liverpool and the market seemed like a good place for that.

For anyone who’s not been there, Camden Market is BIG. Big and sprawling. Very easy to get lost in. So you can see why I’d not expect to actually bump into Jeff at all. I had a sort of vague suspicion of where he might be pitched but no idea why I thought that. Regardless, I headed in that direction. Funnily enough I bumped into him within seconds of entering the market and his stall was in the EXACT SPOT I’d vaguely guessed at. What are the odds?!

Anyways we had a good catch up and I bought a beautiful necklace from his lovely wife’s section of his stall. I am assured the neckalce was a good pick.

Anyways Jeff is Killer Bunny so check him out and maybe say hi if you spot him in Camden Market. Jeff will be at MCM Comic Con on 22 -24 May and guess what, SO WILL I!