It’s that time of year again folks!


You like comics right? Well come on down to the Comic Village at London MCM Comic Con for a whole host of great talented comic artists who will be there for THREE WHOLE DAYS! I’m one of them! I’ll be there! You can come and see me! Table CC12 in the Comic Village! Wowsers! Also, there’s a tonne of other great comic artists you should also check out! Take a look at this amazing roster! So much talent and stuff!

So I’ll be there. I want you to come say hi and buy things. But what will I be selling?

I’ll be selling all current issues of Orful Comics, Scene City, some mini comics, original art, and merch. You can pick up Orful Comics and Scene City for £3 each or a whole set of either series for £10. For mini comics, I’ll have two Hourly Comic Day comics for £1.50 each and The Menorca Sessions for £2.50, or you can get all three for just £5. Not sure what to choose? Why not have the first available issues of Scene City and Orful Comics, plus an Hourly comic for a meagre £6? Want the lot? I CAN DO THAT FOR YOU! All the comics mentioned above for £25.

Want some original artwork? I’ll be selling A4 original pages from my books. A fully inked page goes for £40 or you can get a page of pencilled artwork for just £20. Come peruse the folders and see what you’d like.

Merchandise? I HAVE THAT! I’ll be selling badges for 50p each. Here’s what I’ll have for you.

Click to make ‘em bigger! The second row are brand new and will be with me from Saturday

I’ll tell you what else will be brand new and with me from Saturday.


I’m getting this bad boy printed onto tote bags for you! Embrace the anarchist/plumber within for just £10. Never done tote bags before so y’know, please buy ‘em or whatever.

MCM! YES! Bring it on! Table CC12 in comic village yeah? Here’s a map

See you there