It’s that time of year again folks, MCM London Comic Con!

Happening at London’s Excel Centre this weekend 23-25 October, I will be there peddling my wares as usual in the Comic Village at table CE5.

So what am I going to have with me?! What can I put in the hands of you, my loyal readers?


I’ll have with me issues 2-5 of Orful Comics (issue 1 out of print) for you to catch up on all the auto-bio goodness. Embarrassing tales of idiocy from myself, my friends, and my loved ones. You can pick these up for £3 each or the full set of 4 for only £10


Issues 1-4 of comedy sci-fi supernatural giant robot music satire Scene City will be available as always. Like Orful Comics, £3 each or £10 for the set


T4L is back for issue 2! Like issue one, I have illustrated a story by anthology editor Virgil Yendell. This time, “Quango the Barbarian!” Dead chuffed with this comic. Couldn’t wait to get started once I’d read the script and really excited for you all to see it! T4L 2 will be on sale for just £3


Ever wondered what you’d look like with a moustache? Already have a moustache but wondered what you’d look like with a comically infeasible one? For just £5 I will draw you with a ridiculous moustache! A5 pencil sketch, single person only


Want some top notch bargains?! Here’s how to get the most for the least! Everything Package contains ALL Orful Comics’ published comics. Mini Package contains all three mini comics. Starter Package contains first issues of Orful Comics and Scene City and the (Not Quite) An Hourly Comic


I do badges! Only 50p! Show your disdain for your least favourite animal or simply declare your love for emos or beer


SMASH THE CISTERN! Wait… that seems wrong… oh well! Show your love for anarchy, politics and plumbing with this fetching tote bag. Perfect for carrying all that Comic Village swag around with you!

And that is, I think, it!

So come see me at table CE5 in the Comic Village!