It’s that time of year again folks, THOUGHT BUBBLE!

Easily my favourite convention of the year, Thought Bubble takes place at Leeds Dock in… well, Leeds, on 14th to 15th November. Super stoked to say I’ll be there at table 106 in New Dock Hall. Look at this handy map to show you exactly where that is:

That’s conveniently right in front of the door to New Dock Hall. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Very! You can see a list of everyone else in New Dock Hall here. There’s also people in Royal Armouries Hall and the TB Marquee

So what will I have with me? ALL SORTS OF STUFF!

I’ll have all currently available issues of Orful Comics and Scene City with me for £3 each or £10 for the set! Running low on a few issues so grab ‘em while you can! I’ll also have mini comics and comics bundles with me

T4L is a comics anthology inspired by transport in London and yours truly has illustrated a story by anthology editor Virgil Yendell. You can grab a copy for just £3!

MERCH! Come grab badges and bags! I have those! You can buy them!

Ever wanted to know what you’d like like with a ridiculous moustache? Swing by and I’ll hook you up with a sweet moustache portrait for only £5! A5 pencil sketch, one person per sketch

I’ll also have original comic pages for sale too! Pick up your favourite pages of Orful Comics and Scene City, £20 for pencils and £40 for inked pages. I didn’t do a picture for this one yet so imagine a sweet graphic here explaining what I’ve just said but prettier.

Venue WIFI dependent, I will be taking cards at the convention.

Also, the Sunday is Orful Comics’ 7th birthday! WOOOOOOOOO!! Might be doing a few surprises throughout the day/weekend so keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr for more info. If you’re at the mid-convention party on the Saturday night, I’ll be there celebrating the birthday and me and Bekki’s anniversary so come say hi!

Anyways, I think that’s about all for now!

See y’all next weekend!